The seed to becoming a psychotherapist was planted long ago in my desire to understand pain and suffering in the world and my curiosity about how to achieve peace internally and externally in a society rife with violence, conflict, greed and discontent.  
My passion for social change grew while working with the homeless, severely mentally ill, juvenile offenders and foster care youth of northern New Mexico.  I was able to build powerful bridges with individuals from vastly different backgrounds and was constantly reminded of our common wounds, fears, hopes and dreams.  
I received my MSW in New Mexico before embarking on a life altering journey of deep personal healing and transformation that began at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA and continued through my travels in India.  I studied yoga very seriously at this time and continue to be supported by yoga, meditation and other awareness practices.  
My work in the Santa Cruz area has been mostly with children and teens in school and agency settings.  I have been doing therapy with youth locally for the past four years.  I am a strong advocate for the empowerment of children and teens and feel inspired to help them create a better future for themselves and the world.   
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